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The so-called “Clear Skies Ordinance” puts thousands of local jobs at risk.

On Monday, July 21, the South Portland City Council voted in favor of the "Clear Skies Ordinance". The Working Waterfront Coalition's statement on that vote can be found here.

South Portland’s “Draft Ordinance Committee” was tasked with preventing Canadian oil sands from reaching South Portland’s waterfront, but is now proposing to ban all crude oil, including those produced here in America.

If enacted, South Portland’s terminals will remain permanently locked into their current operations, with no opportunity to evolve alongside America’s booming energy market. And that means hundreds, if not thousands, of local jobs are in jeopardy.

Banning American energy was never the goal…and never should be. Speak out on the “Clear Skies Ordinance” now!

Feel free to edit the letter below, and then use the form to the right to send it to the South Portland City Council.

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